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Marine Services

Welcome to Brain Associates Ltd

We are a specialist Industrial & Marine based company that provides a wide range of solutions to different business sectors, our management and safe working practices ensure our clients success. Please contact us regarding any questions that you may have about our services.

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What we do

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Industrial Services

Providing infrastructure support services to your land based facilities and fleet

Marine Services

Providing a truly mobile and responsive service to the UK and surrounding waters


Specialists in mobile and fixed separation technologies


Helping to protect today’s environment for the next generation

Where you can find us

Brain Associates - Industrial Services

Brain Associates Ltd
Newham Road
Cornwall TR1 2SU







Brain Associates Ltd
Newham Road
Cornwall TR1 2SU

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-4:30PM

Phone: 01872 279835

Did you know?

Brain Associates have the technology to help you manage the process of contaminated water with our leading devices the VGS, ICSEP CYCLOVAP.

Water & Effluent Treatment

  • Effluent Waste Disposal (Charge) by Tanker 100%
  • Processing Using Brain Technology 20%

As legislation gets more complex with new conditions on Consent to Discharge, it is more important than ever to separate contaminated effluent in an efficient manner.

Our Clients

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