Brain 3Float Skimmer

3Float Skimmer

The Skimmers are designed to send a steady stream of free oil from the surface of a liquid to any reception facility. The Skimmers are commonly used with other oil and water separation technologies.


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The skimmer works by removing surface contaminated water with Hydrocarbons, the floating skimmer can be used inside retention tanks, drains and free standing water.

The Skimmer has a self levelling weir

Working in conjunction with secondary oil/water separation technology such as the Vertical Gravity Separator (V.G.S) the skimmer can be used for the following applications


Brain Associates 3Float Skimmer Brochure 2016 v1


Height: 520mm Diameter: 600mm

Flow Rate: 600 -300 L/hr

Min Depth Required: 300mm

Materials: Polished Stainless Steel

Out let size: 1 ½ “


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