Industrial Services

Above and below ground tank cleaning.

Industrial Services

Tank farm maintenance

Brain Associates has been in the industry for over 30 years and have extensive knowledge in modern tank cleaning systems, we specialise in remote tank cleaning wash heads that reduce the risk to the confined space personnel; If man entry is unavoidable then we can provide a highly trained confined space team

Products we handle

  •  Heavy Fuel Oil
  • Crude Oil
  • Medium Fuel Oil
  • Diesel Oil
  • Kerosene / Aviation Jet Fuel
  • Coal Tar / Bitumen

Our mobile tank cleaning team can even deal with viscous products such as HFO, Coal Tar and furnace fuel oil, using our experience we can remobilise your product and transfer it offsite for disposal.
If fuel has not been contaminated then we will aim to get you the best disposal price.

Brain Associates Contact:
Tony Powell – Managing Director
Tel: 07773586798

Stuart Evans – Operations Director
Tel: 07478734734

Out of Hours Contact

Wash Head System

Example of a wash head system used for Heavy Fuel Oil tank cleaning, please press the arrows to view the next slide

Wash Head Rigged Up

Active Wash Cycle

Bulk Head Before Washing

Bulk Head After Washing

Cant pump it?

Have you got an un-pumpable product? If so check the before & after photos of a Coal Tar tank cleaning project, please press the arrows to view the next slide



Tank Cleaning

This video shows a wash head system in action

Find more videos on our YouTube channel @ Brain Associates Ltd

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