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Our Aim is to minimise the escape and spread of land contamination as this will reduce the final remedial costs.


Even small spills sometimes impact upon drains, streams & ditches. This brings with it the attention of the regulators (generally the Environment Agency and their national equivalents in Wales and Scotland).

We employ risk-based remediation by identifying the real driving factors to remediation such as human health and statutory compliance, our approach is to try and avoid “mission-creep” into un-necessary expenditure on un-necessary remediation.


Brain Associates has over 30 years experience in the investigation, remediation and regulation of contaminated land issues.

Our Services

  • Ground works and excavation
  • Demolition
  • Replacement of contaminated Soils
  • Vapour control
  • Vacuum extraction
  • Bio physical & chemical

Our risk-based approach

    serves to counter inflated claims, since we collect objective data to determine:
    • The true scale of the spill – Rather that sometimes claimed by the insured.
    • The true extent of the impacts – on buildings, soils and the environment, as well upon the amenity of the insured – Backed-up with field and/or laboratory data as required

Brain Associates Contact:
Tony Powell – Managing Director
Tel: 07773586798

Stuart Evans – Operations Director
Tel: 07478734734

Tim Brookes – Technical Director
Tel: 07478850085

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Waste Oil Processing

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BAL – Case Study Tata Steel

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