The Cyclonic Evaporator (CycloVap*) is a highly innovative, patented, and environmentally friendly evaporator which is set to
revolutionize the way evaporators have been perceived within industrial and engineering communities.


Product Description


  • Thin liquid films, generated by the ISG*, produce high heat transfer coefficients.
  •  Handles viscous and scaling products.
  •  Energy input may be from many sources including an option for vapour recompression.
  •  Multiple effect systems reduce energy input.
  •  Capital cost is typically as much as 30% less than equivalent evaporators.
  •  Footprint is reduced by as much as 90% over comparative evaporators.
  •  Recovery and reuse of de-mineralized water from process or waste streams.
    Concentration of dilute products or wastes for reuse.


Brain Associates CycloVap Brochure 2016 v1


Process Capacity: 1m3 – 30m3 hr
Height : 2.2m
Width : 2m – 6m
Length : 3.5m – 10m
Weight : 1500kg – 8000 kg
Material : Stainless Steel 316

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