Brain Phoenix System

The Phoenix is a unique product for screening solids from liquids

The Phoenix is a highly versatile product within the oil industry, which can be used at the front end on of your processing plant / slops reception facilities.

  • Able to remove solids from liquid waste
  • Handles viscous and scaling products.
  • Different aperture sizes available
  • Ability to act as an Oil water separator
  • Reduces the overall solid wastes from entering your facility
  • Less wear and tear on pumping systems

Length Width Height: 4m x 3m x 4m

Weight: 2400kgs Capacity: 17,000 liters

Material: Mild or Stainless 6mm

Inlet Outlet: ANSI 4” Knife gate valves

Process Capacity: up to 100m3 / hour (Product dependent)

Who Uses The Phoenix?

  • Waste reception Facility’s
  • Ships & Dockyards
  • Oil terminals
  • Ground remediation contractors

How Does it Work?

The Phoenix is most effective at the front end of your processing system, it ensures the collection of solids prior to entering your facility. With the solids captured you’ll be able to charge clients accordingly, this will also greatly reduce the amount of solids that build up within your tanks.

Waste Minimisation

  • Handles viscous and scaling products
  • Greatly reduces sedimentation build up
  • Ensures the costs for solids wastes are passed on your clients
  • Reduces overall wear and tear on your facility
  • Helps to prevent large waste disposal bills (a direct cost for solid waste disposal)



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