Vertical Gravity Separator

If your reading this then you will understand that separating your oil and water can turn a waste disposal cost into a positive self-funding operation.  The Brain VGS (Vertical Gravity Separator) is a compact, cost effective unit developed to separate non-emulsified oil and water.

Simple to install operate and maintain a VGS can achieve the necessary water quality for discharge to water authority standards, while oil and low density waste solids can be profitably reclaimed or recycled

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Product Description

  • Portable
  • Cost effective effluent treatment.
  • Produces clean water and reclaimed oil.
  • Removes potentially hazardous vapor’s.
  • Reduces the risk of high pollution penalties.


Brain Associates VGS Brochure 2016 v1


Height : 1m or 2m
Diameter : 1.2m
Weight : From 30kgs or 60 kgs
Material : Stainless Steel 316
Process Capacity : up to 5m3 / hr

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