Brain VGS Vertical Gravity Separator

Designed to separate non-emulsified oil and water

If your reading this then you will understand that separating your oil and water can turn a waste disposal cost into a positive self-funding operation.  The Brain VGS (Vertical Gravity Separator) is a compact, cost effective unit developed to separate non-emulsified
oil and water . Simple to install operate and maintain a VGS can achieve the necessary water quality for discharge to water authority standards, while oil and low density waste solids can be profitably reclaimed or recycled

  • Portable
  • Cost effective effluent treatment.
  • Produces clean water and reclaimed oil.
  • Removes potentially hazardous vapor’s.
  • Reduces the risk of high pollution penalties.

Height : 1m or 2m
Diameter : 1.2m
Weight : From 30kgs or 60 kgs
Material : Stainless Steel 316
Process Capacity : up to 5m3 / hr

VGS Hire – Brain Associates Hire VGS 2016 v1.PDF

Standalone VGS – 1x VGS with hoses and associated fittings £200 + VAT Per Week

VGS + Pump– 1x VGS with pump, hoses and associated fittings £250 + VAT per Week

Additional Items – Generator 240v £50 Per / Week. Suitable IBC £70, Spill trays and bunds are also available.

All prices are subject to VAT, prices given could change without notice, please  call us today for up-to-date prices

The Brain VGS (Vertical Gravity Separator)

VGS vertical gravity separator

Disposal Without VGS

  • Price correct at 2014 rates (Provided by Waste Disposal Service company)

Water Disposal Cost With VGS

  • Price correct at 2014 rates (Provided by Waste Disposal Service company)

Who Uses a VGS?

  • Oil terminals & tank farms
  • Garages & fuel stations
  • Ships & Dockyards
  • Factories
  •  Ground remediation contractors
  • Anywhere where oil or other non-soluble products are handled or stored.

How Does it Work?

The VGS operates by the control of both fluid flow rate and pressure. The patented internal geometry of the VGS regulates these forces & allows non-emulsified impurities to separate from the water under gravity; high-density contaminants to fall to the bottom of the vessel and importantly the oil phase and low density suspended solids to rise to the top of the VGS thus separating the oil & dense solids from the water.

Waste Minimisation

A solution is to reduce oil contaminated risings from interceptors by applying the Liquid Skimmer and Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS), which removes the oil from the interceptor on entry thus reducing the chances of oil contacting the silt, which settles in the bottom of the interceptors and prevents emulsified oil from settling on top of the silt. This in turn reduces the frequency of oily solids removal and concentrates the oil / liquid waste in a holding tank, which is a lower cost collection and disposal waste stream


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